Car Driving Test - Testimonials

Zoe Hunter

I moved from another driving instructor to Lawrence having previously failed my driving test. He was highly recommended by one of my friends and due to his experience and knowledge I passed first time with him! He pushed me to the best of my ability and taught me the skills to keep me safe on the road. He gave clear instructions over the period of the lessons and helped me to learn to relax and feel comfortable when driving. Previously, I lacked confidence when driving but throughout my lessons with Lawrence my confidence improved greatly due to his patience and encouragement. His easy going personality meant that I was put to ease going into my exam and I couldn't say a bad word about him. Thanks Lawrence! :)

Heather Crutchley

I passed my driving test first time and all thanks to Lawrence. He had me learning essential skills from the outset and built my confidence throughout my lessons. I would recommend Lawrence to anyone because he is a brilliant instructor who is able to joke about silly mistakes but draws attention to why driving safely is so important and has taught me the skills I need to drive carefully. Thanks Lawrence and I shall see you on the road!

Grace Henderson

I passed my driving test first attempt on the 10th September, thanks to my instructor Lawrence. He fully prepared me for my test by providing me with great skills that I will never forget. I had a very relaxed and enjoyable experience learning to drive and would highly recommend LCD Driving Academy to everyone. Thank you Lawrence.

 Dayle Mclaughlin, Limavady

Thanks to Lawrence I passed my test first time but due to a mistake by my tester I was wrongfully failed.
Lawrence made the examiner aware that he had delivered an instruction to me, which was incorrect, and therefore his decision to fail me was unjustified.
Without Laurence's intervention, I would have had to accept the examiners decision. Laurence knows the rules and what is or is not acceptable, and thankfully he was able to challenge the incorrect instruction given to me by a DVA examiner.
How many others has this examiner, issued the wrong instruction to, where the candidate has failed because of an incorrect instruction.
Laurence got me a retest two days later and I passed my test again.
Lawrencehas you out driving from day one and explains every aspect of driving and let's you know your mistakes and how you should correct them. Couldn't of passed without Lawrence's teaching. Thanks a lot.

Alison Townley

Lawrence has a great personality and is a brilliant driving instructor. After my first lesson I was on the top of the world as I was so glad that I got on so well with Lawrence. Lawrence helped me correct my mistakes really quickly and boosted my confidence hugely, and thanks to Lawrence I passed my test first time! I would recommend Lawrence to everyone, his good humour and knowledge of driving made my learning experience something I will never forget!

Alison Troughton

I passed my test first time with the help of Lawrence! On my first lesson he had me driving and learning essential skills straight away. Lawrence has a great personality. He is calm and collected and always made a joke out of my mistakes, but helped me correct them and gain the confidence I needed. I'd definitely recommend learning to drive with Lawrence!!

Korey Mc Keegan

I passed my driving test on 7th January, thanks to instruction from Lawrence! It was always a pleasure to learn to drive with Lawrence as he was funny and made learning to drive enjoyable. He didn't make me feel nervous and filled me full of confidence. I wouldn't of wanted to learn to drive with anyone else! My sister also learnt to drive and passed her driving test with the help of Lawrence. I cannot recommend Lawrence highly enough, if you want to learn to drive.. Choose Lawrence!

Conor Murphy, Limavady

Laurence is a great Instructor and he fully prepared me for my driving test. I would recommend him to everyone as I now feel I am a safe driver due to him!

Keela Logue, Ballykelly

Lawrence is a brilliant driving instructor, he's professional and has a great personality. he really boosted my confidence, which I seriously lacked when it came to driving. thanks to Lawrence I passed my driving test first time, and have gained a life skill. I would highly recommend LCD driving academy to everyone especially nervous drivers like me.

Beth Burridge, Limavady

Thank you Lawrence so much for helping me to pass my test first time. All the skills you taught me for life on how to be a good responsible driver. Checking the mirrors and looking far ahead to see what's happening. Never would I thought I could pass first time so thank you so much :) I shall see you on the road and will always remember what you taught me! Thank you Lawrence

Steven Miller, Limavady

I began my driving lessons shortly after my birthday in June, and passed my practical test first time. Lawrence is a very professional teacher with a great personality, making you feel much at ease. I really enjoyed my experience learning to drive, and my confidence has been built up, making driving a very enjoyable experience. Would highly recommend LCD Driving Academy to everyone.

Jill Mackenzie, Limavady

I began my driving lessons with Lawrence (LCD Driving Academy) the day after my 17th birthday in October 2011 and passed my driving test on my first attempt in March 2012. Lawrence is very professional in his manner of teaching and has a great personality which makes him easy to get along with. He praises good, safe driving and observation, but even when you get it wrong – he can persuade you to get it right the next time. I enjoyed the experience very much and would highly recommend LCD Driving Academy to anyone.

Genevieve Toner, Limavady

Lawrence is an AMAZING driving instructor and I would defiantly recommend him to anybody. My driving experience with him was very pleasant and memorable. I gained so much driving knowledge from him just after my first lesson. Lawrence really built up my confidence and he created a very enjoyable driving experience for me! I hope this will help any future learner drivers to make the right choice and choose LCD Driving Academy.

Louise Martin, Limavady

I started as a pupil with Lawrence after failing my test twice before. I was quite nervous about my driving and kept making the same silly mistakes all the time.

Lawrence was very easy to get along with. He gave clear and concise instructions over the period of the lessons and helped me to learn to relax and feel comfortable and confident in my ability to drive. When I started with Lawrence I had already passed my theory however, he emphasised the need to continue learning as this would improve my knowledge making me a better driver.

Whilst with Lawrence I ailed my test once over one very stupid mistake. Lawrence talked me through what had happened giving me helpful advice to remember for next time.  A few weeks later I took my test again and passed.

As a teacher Lawrence is very knowledgeable.  He is very fair and pushes his pupils to be the best they can be.

Louise Breen, Limavady

I had over 40 driving lessons with LCD Driving Academy.  These lessons provided me with my only driving experiences. I found tuition to be very good. Lawrence was strict yet thorough in his tuition methods - as a complete novice and lacking in driving confidence, I personally felt I needed this kind of instruction. I am now a very confident and careful driver. I have already recommended LCD Driving Academy to friends.

Nicolle McMichael, Limavady

Lawrence Deehan is a great guy.  He’s really civil and most importantly brilliant at boosting your confidence.  I would definitely recommend LCD Driving Academy to anybody!

Gareth Simpson, Limavady

I took around 10 driving lessons with Lawrence from LCD Driving Academy, and passed my test! I had previously been with another driving school but failed my Theory and Practical tests.  After being recommended by I friend, I took around 10 driving lessons with Lawrence from LCD Driving Academy, and passed my practical driving test!  LCD Driving Academy’s driving tuition was FIRST CLASS!  During my initial lessons Lawrence described my driving skills as ‘shocking’.  He was very firm but fair and exceptionally patient.  I would ABSOLUTELY recommend LCD Driving Academy to family, friends and work colleagues.

Suzanne Maxwell, Dungiven

I had some driving experience prior to taking my lessons with LCD Driving Academy, although I wasn’t particularly confident especially changing gears.  Lawrence was calm, polite, pleasant and very thorough, taking tuition at my speed.  He prepared me for the theory test and kept me calm prior to both the Theory and Practical Driving tests. Thanks to LCD Driving Academy, I was over the moon to pass my test first time. I was recommended LCD Driving Academy by a family member and would certainly recommend to friends and family.