Extended Driving Test

Banned from driving, but now allowed to get on the road again?

For the vast majority of the public, the only time they are likely to come into contact with the criminal justice system is as a result of a motoring offence. On average every year, up to a quarter of a million motorists in the UK, receive a driving ban.

As a disqualified driver or rider, a court can order that you return to being a learner driver and take an extended practical driving test. The test is longer and more demanding and is aimed at checking your ability to drive. LCD Driving Academy can help disqualified drivers get back behind the steering wheel and with over 30 years of professional driving experience, can retrain drivers (in confidence) to become safer motorists for life!

Do you have to take an Extended Driving Test?

Courts can order that you take an extended driving test if you are convicted of dangerous driving offences or other offences involving necessary disqualification. Simply check the paper part of your licence where it will state if an extended test is required.

As a disqualified driver you have to:

  • Apply for a NEW provisional driving licence

  • Take suitable driving instruction from an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI)

  • Pass the theory test

  • Pass the Extending Practical Driving Test

Further details on how to get your licence back after disqualification can be found by clicking here. Alternatively, a member of staff at LCD Driving Academy would be happy to advise you, by telephoning (028) 777 62200 or 078 0319 7737.